T-Shirt: UO

Skirt: Old Navy, remixed

Belt (not shown): J. Crew Outlet

Shoes: Merrell

I originally put on my department t-shirt but since it looked too similar to my ode to Eugene, I decided to opt for a different t-shirt to wear on my day at campus. For the last couple months, I thought I had lost this awesome black hemp t-shirt that depicts a re-arranged world to demonstrate that the world is interconnected in so many ways but found tucked in a corner of my dresser last week. In the left hand corner there is a little note attached:

“Teleconnection patterns connects all the world’s weather patterns and show why if it rains in America, it may snow in Europe…So, if your car idles in LA 5 days later someone in Scandinavia breathes its fumes.”

We're all connected.

When I wear this shirt (especially around my department), I get a lot of looks and comments. Graphically, its very interesting and cool but also the statement it makes is what gets people talking. We live in a interdependent world and very few places on earth are completely isolated as this t-shirt demonstrates. I wish I could use this t-shirt as a teaching tool but 1) I feel like it would be too gimicky to wear this to the lecture on globalization and 2) the “You Are Here” dot is right underneath my chest (seriously, “Eyes up here, buddy.”). While it could be an interesting discussion tool, I rather not have 70 undergrads staring at my chest.

New Shoes

Yesterday, while at the running shoe clearance outlet store to get new running shoes (started Bridge to 10K and it felt great), I found these super comfy Merrell flats in the super discount bin near the register. First, let me just say how much I love this clearance outlet. When someone has worn running shoes out even for just one run they can’t be returned and resold. Instead of these once worn shoes going to waste, this store sells them at a 50-60% off the original price which means I got a pair of almost brand new running shoes, originally priced at $115 for $54.95. Sweet, huh? Well, it gets sweeter. They also sell shoes that have been worn more than once and discount those even further which is the case with these Merrells. In addition to ridiculously cheap, the store was having a deal that you received $10 off a second pair. Boo-yah! So I got these awesome, practically brand new shoes for $15.

Happy feet!

I wore them all day today on campus and they were so comfortable. I wish I could have worn them to dog park but I didn’t want to get them all muddied up on their first day out. I plan to rock these guys well after Labor Day (does anyone follow that rule anymore?).

I plan to do a thorough review of my day in the field this past weekend. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures but I will offer some reflections about dressing up or dressing down in the field.


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3 responses to “Globalization

  1. That tee is TOO AWESOME. It’s so perfect for you, I think you need it in more colors! Maybe you can bring it to class and clip it to the whiteboard or something so that only the print gets ogled…

    • Thanks! I think it would be awesome in beige or white but I don’t think this shirt is being made anymore since I bought it years ago and I had originally found on the sales rack. I think there may had been another one about overfishing or something like that in white.
      I had SMART classroom training (technology in the classroom) and found out our school has doc cams in the ceiling so I could totally show it off to class that way. 🙂

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